Law enforcement officials all across America are rushing in record numbers to their stations to turn in their badges..”some aren’t even coming it all all” says Cheif Dee Stain head of the national academy of police psychology…
The problem is this massive movement of so called “sovereign citizens” or “freemen” that are using our own laws against any and all of the officers that they come in contact with..”they are filing and winning law suits in record numbers..leaving a hugely destructive path of officer homeless broke and needing to pay massive amounts of restitution to these individuals”..many remaining officers have stated,”enough is enough..we just can’t continue to violate these people’s rights”..”this whole thing is back firing on us like big time”
Many officer across the country have been warning their fellow officers about these people and they have all been agreeing that,, “it just isn’t worth it anymore these guys are slaying us leaving us broke or even worse ,landing us in the same prisons we once we’re putting people in..
As a result,many officers have decided to just hang it up and turn in their badges before they become the next victims of the truth movement revolution.. one officer we spoke to said ” it is more profitable to join the movement than it is to fight it, I make 5 times as much money suing other officers for the human rights violations that occur during every normal Terry stop or traffic pull over” he also stated “when I was a cop,we brought in all the business but the government steals all of the profits from it,never sharing with us” so as a direct result of this kind of thinking ,officers are running to turn their badges and equipment in..not wanting to be associated with government or law enforcement in any way whatsoever.. we would just like to take the time to thank these men for standing by their oath and we wish that this wasn’t a completely bullshit story…because we all know that it will be a cold day in hell before any one of our do boys in blue would stop another cop from violating the shit out of our rights..much less quit over it or be worried about getting sued in the private..they all know that they can be as corrupt as they want because they are all backed up by the corrupt ass bar you can go back to your normally scheduled brainwashing and back to enjoying the security of knowing,,the cops dont give a fuck about whats right or whats wrong..only about how much money they can rob from you and your security bond !!! πŸ˜‰